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Whittam was founded in 1860 and over the years
have established and maintained an exceptional reputation for
providing high quality precision
products to the whole spectrum
of industry all over the United Kingdom, Europe, U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as Australia and other parts of the world.

Whittam Precision scales (rules), verniers and dials have various uses and are in demand by machine tool and instrument makers; scientific, meteorological and medical establishments; graphic art and photographic
companies; as well as the printing; engraving; and automotive industries. They are known to be called machinist's or engineer's rules (rulers). In fact, they can be used by anyone who wants to do a good job accurately

Highest Precision!
Best Quality!

Since 1860!


   Whittam high quality, fine tolerance, engraved, Circular Divided Scales.  They can be engraved in Stainless Steel, Hardened and Tempered Steel Bright Mild Steel or Brass.  Graduations on the Scales can be left open, or filled with the color of your choice--black being the most popular.

   Whittam Circular Divided Scales, Machine Dials, Micro Dials, Graduated Rings and Segments are being manufactured with ever increased accuracy since 1860. Whittam dials, micro dials, graduated rings or circular scales are accurate to within 18 arc seconds or .00045" on a 10" diameter. We offer circular divided scales and index rings of up to 137 cm (4í6") in diameter.

   Guaranteed greater durability in hostile environment--the engraving (etching) process used by Whittam (versus photoetching) ensures greater durability of the markings in a hostile environment and the unmistakable look of quality.

   Made to your exact specification--all Whittam products--circular divided scales, machine dials, micro dials, horizontal and vertical rules, straight and circular vernier scales, straight edges, and index rings are made strictly to customerís specifications with microscopic attention to detail.

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Whittam Precision Rules
Grecian Mill, Fletcher Street
Bolton BL3 6NG, U.K.
Phone: 01204 394420, Sales: 01204 326162
with any questions and to get a quotation.