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Whittam Precision Rules
Grecian Mill
Fletcher Street
Bolton BL3 6NG, U.K.

Tel: 01204 394420 &
Sales: 01204 0326162

e-mail: sales@whittamprecision.co.uk

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Whittam was founded in 1860 and over the years
have established and maintained an exceptional reputation for
providing high quality precision
products to the whole spectrum
of industry all over the United Kingdom, Europe, U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as Australia and other parts of the world.

Whittam Precision scales (rules), verniers and dials have various uses and are in demand by machine tool and instrument makers; scientific, meteorological and medical establishments; graphic art and photographic
companies; as well as the printing; engraving; and automotive industries. They are known to be called machinist's or engineer's rules (rulers). In fact, they can be used by anyone who wants to do a good job accurately

Highest Precision!
Best Quality!

Since 1860!


   Custom-Made products made to customer's specifications are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Customer is responsible for any costs incurred at any stage of manufacturing once the order is placed and processed with Whittam Precision Rules/Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd.
   Some Standard Products may be returned at our discretion but the customer will incur a restocking fee of 50%.
   No products may be returned without our RMA number.
   In some cases, when a customer requires us to develop a new, unique product for the customer, we will do our best to satisfy customer's needs and requirements but can not absolutely guarantee the results and, therefore, the customer will be responsible for all the development costs incurred.
  • If you wish to cancel, or change all or part of an order, we suggest that you call 01204 326162 immediately to speak to a customer service agent. Once the order has left our facility, customer will be responsible for all shipping charges. 
Liability Disclaimer

In making a purchase, the customer agrees to all conditions of this document, and to hold harmless, Whittam Precision Ruler and Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. from damages arising from,  use of, or failure of any product which we sell. This would include, but not be limited to personal injury, and loss of productivity, etc.

Whittam Precision and Schlenker Enterprises Ltd., do not make any representations or warrantees (implied or otherwise) regarding the accuracy or completeness of information or product description(s), in either the written or spoken form, and shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit, or any other damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, or coincidental damage.

In addition,  the customer agrees to hold harmless, Whittam Precision Rules and Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd., and/or any of it's assigns, and/or any manufacturer which it represents, from damages arising from untimely or erroneous delivery of ordered products.


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Whittam Precision Rules
Grecian Mill, Fletcher Street
Bolton BL3 6NG, U.K.
Phone: 01204 394420, Sales: 01204 326162
e-mail: sales@whittamprecision.co.uk
with any questions and to get a quotation.